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Mobile Banking

Sprig Mobile Banking is the ultimate credit union wallet bringing together all of your Rhode Island Credit Union accounts as well as the accounts you may have at other participating credit unions. Using your laptop, tablet or Smartphone, with Sprig you can inquire on your accounts, make mobile deposits/payments, transfer between accounts and process person-to person (P2P) payments. Using RealPay from Sprig, making P2P payments is easy.  You can send money to anyone in the network or to someone at another financial institution. Recipients simply receive a message, input their information and receive their funds. Funds arrive instantly to RealPay users and via ACH for out-of-network receivers.

Sprig Mobile Deposit* allows you to make a check deposit directly into your account or pay your loan from your Android Phone or Tablet, iPhone or iPad. Please be sure to include the words “Sprig Mobile Deposit” on the back of your checks as part of the endorsement.  Your deposit is secure and is as convenient as depositing checks at any Rhode Island Credit Union branch location.

Visit to enroll and start enjoying the benefits of mobile banking and mobile deposit today.

*Deposit limits and restrictions apply including monthly and daily deposit limits. Sprig Mobile Banking is not available to new members for the first 30 days.