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Save money and make managing payments easier.

Pay off higher rate debts or consolidate balances to
your Rhode Island Credit Union Credit Card.

2.99% APR* for 6 billing cycles on balance transfers for new and existing accounts.
Simply complete a balance transfer form and present it at any branch or by mail.

Why transfer your balances?

No balance transfer fees

With lower interest, you’ll be able to pay off your balances more quickly.

A Rhode Island Credit Union Credit Card could save you money on interest charges.

Bring over balances from multiple credit cards to simplify your life with one low monthly payment and one due date.

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. The 2.99% APR balance transfer promotional rate will be in effect from the time of the posting of the initial qualifying balance transfer to your credit card account for six consecutive billing cycles. After the expiration of your balance transfer promotional rate, the remaining unpaid portion of the original balance transfer request will be subject to your standard APR. Balance transfers may not be used to pay any Rhode Island Credit Union loan or VISA® Credit Card.