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About Us

Rhode Island Credit Union has experienced many changes throughout our history.  The Board and Management have continued to respond to industry changes in an effort to keep up with an ever changing financial and technological market. Our unique business model where credit union members are the owners of the institution proves to be as effective today as it was in 1946 when Rhode Island Credit Union was founded. The idea of serving only the needs of credit union members, not distant shareholders is what guides our decision-making process.

It is inevitable that changes will be made from time to time to keep the Credit Union viable and competitive. Like every other business, we adapt to the business realities of our time.  Even as changes happen, we will continue to work hard to maintain our commitment to personal service and our dedication to strengthening the outstanding relationships with our existing and future members in the communities we serve.






We are excited to announce that our new website will be live the week of August 8th. Our website address will remain the same. We are not anticipating any interruption in service.