The Rhode Island Credit Union Scholarship Program acknowledges and rewards students from our membership for their academic achievements and assists them financially in their pursuit of higher education and fulfillment of career goals. Our Scholarship Program has $5,000 available to award up to five (5) $1,000 scholarships for the 2019-2020 academic year to graduating high school seniors accepted as a full-time student to an accredited college, university or technical school. Students must be a member in good standing of Rhode Island Credit Union.

Completed applications must be submitted by May 24, 2019 at any Rhode Island Credit Union branch location or by mail to Rhode Island Credit Union, Attn: Scholarship Selection Committee, 160 Francis St., Providence, RI 02903.

Scholarship applications must include the following:

    • Completed the 2019 Scholarship Application.
    • Official Academic Transcript
    • A maximum one-page, typed essay explaining your selection of a field of study and its’ importance in today’s society.
    • A copy of the Federal 1040 form substantiating Parent’s Annual Household Income as listed on application
    • One reference letter from a person involved in your high school academic studies.
    • Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Click here for the 2019 College Scholarship Application or visit any branch location.