Make a Payment from Another Financial Institution

Pay your vehicle, personal or equity loan via ACH from your checking or savings account at another financial institution. To make a payment at our Online Loan Payment Portal, you’ll need your 9 digit account number as shown on your statement. The portal will identify your loan number as the last 2 digits of your account number and the 2 digit loan suffix. You will see an amount due which reflects only a single payment amount and not any additional payments due. You may make a payment for any amount up to $2,500. Loan payoffs are not accepted online. Please note that payment processing is generally 1 business day provided payments are initiated before 7:00 pm CT so allow sufficient time for processing.  Please allow 1 additional business day for payments initiated on weekends/holidays. Please note that our Online Loan Payment Portal is best viewed with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Other convenient loan payment options available.

Online loan payment terms and conditions.