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Secured and unsecured loans available for any purpose you choose.

Our Personal Loans are personalized for you.

Personal Unsecured Loan

No prepayment penalties

No fees as long as you pay on time

Flexible repayment terms up to 60 months

Competitive interest rates

Collateral Loans

Share Savings and Certificate of Deposit collateral loans

Borrow against funds you already have on deposit

Excellent solution to help build credit

Prime Line of Credit

A Prime Line of Credit is a personal line of credit. It can serve as an emergency fund or a way to pay for something that is out of your financial reach.  Apply only once and when you need additional funds, you simply take an advance in person or online.  You make payments only on the credit you’ve actually used.

ProgramMaximum TermAnnual
Percentage Rate
Monthly payment
per $1,000
Personal Loan12 Months6.65%$86.38
60 Months10.65%$21.58

*All rates are subject to change without notice. Rates are the lowest rates available and are determined by individual creditworthiness. Other rates and terms available. The minimum loan amount for the 12 month term is $1,000.

ProgramMaximum TermAnnual Percentage Rate (APR)
Shares Collateral Loan
3 yearsShare Deposit Rate + 3%
Certificate Collateral Loan
Certificate of Deposit TermCertificate of Deposit Rate + 3%
Percentage Rate
Prime Line of CreditPrime Rate + 6.90%*

*Variable APR will be based on Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal +6.90%. Current Prime Rate is 8.50%. Minimum credit line is $2,000.00 and maximum credit line is $10,000.00.

Debt Protection

Protect your loan
and your loved

Protect your loan
and your loved ones.

Protect your loan and your loved ones.