Simplify your life and set up Direct Deposit

If you like the convenience and security of having your paycheck, Social Security benefit, pension, or any other check automatically deposited into your account, direct deposit is the perfect choice for you. You’ll save time and your funds will be available immediately on the day of deposit.

Advantages of Direct Deposit

Instant access to your funds

Reduce risk of theft, fraud, and lost or delayed checks

Convenient and reliable

More secure than paper checks

Saves valuable time

Better and more convenient way to budget


What information is needed to setup Direct Deposit?

Rhode Island Credit Union routing and transit number 211590493

For savings account deposits: Use your 9-digit member number as indicated on your statement.  Special note for State of Rhode Island Employees: Use your 9-digit member number as indicated on your statement followed by two zeros.

For checking account deposits: Use the 9-digit account number located on your checks after our routing and transit number.


Payroll Deduction and Automatic Transfer

Choose payroll deduction as an option to deposit some money from your check automatically into any account with Rhode Island Credit Union. Check with a Rhode Island Credit Union representative to determine if payroll deduction is available through your employer.

Use our Automatic Transfer Service to schedule regular transfers from your Rhode Island Credit Union Savings or Checking Account to make loan payments, club account deposits or other transactions.